Cowboys Eyes Set on the Eagles


After a Thanksgiving Day thrashing dealt to the Dallas Cowboys by divisional rival(Philadelphia Eagles), the Cowboys faced another Thursday game against a struggling Bears team who most likely are playing for pride seeing as though they’ve been eliminated from playoff contention. The Cowboys won the game with a score of 41-28 and DeMarco Murray rushing for 179 on the ground. But now that this game is over, the Cowboys face what is shaping up to be the biggest game of their season.

Next Sunday, the Cowboys and the Eagles will meet for the second time this season in a game that most likely will decide the fate of the NFC East crown. While the Eagles currently hold on to first place, a Cowboys win could really shake things up in the NFC. I’m sure the Cowboys will have no problem getting up for this game seeing as though the bitter taste from the Thanksgiving meeting is far from gone. This one is sure to be a classic.


Will the Philadelphia Eagles Make a Statement?



The Philadelphia Eagles are now (7-2) on the season after an impressive rout of Cam Newton and his Panthers, winning 45-21. But with a short week ahead of them, all sights are set on Aaron Rodgers and the (6-3) Green Bay Packers.

This matchup is set up to be a great one. While both teams currently hold winning records, neither team has beaten more than one opponent that also currently have winning records. With that said, two will go in and only one will come out.

With two explosive offenses, you can expect a shootout between a quarterback who can make an argument as best in the league in Aaron Rodgers as well as a rejuvenated Mark Sanchez who is proving that he belongs in a starting QB role in this league.

If you are looking for spectacular plays on offense to be made, this is the game you need to tune in to. Defense? Not so much. But which ever team manages to bend and not break will determine the winner of this game.

Dallas Cowboys: Bye Week


If there are football Gods somewhere up in the sky, the Dallas Cowboys should be singing praises right about now. Last Sunday, the Cowboys were able to get back on track with a win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a game which was played in London. But with dropping two straight previous to last Sunday and the injury bug beginning to flood the Cowboys locker room, the bye week couldnt come have come at a better time. With two big divisional games following this bye week, the Cowboys look to get Tony Romo back to full strength as well as defensive keys,  Barry Church and Rondo McClain. Tackle Doug Free, is also eyeing a week 11 return as well. While this bye week is one for rest and relaxation, the Cowboys can’t get too complacent because the Giants cannot be overlooked.

Kirk Cousins Benched. Will Colt McCoy be the Answer ?



As of Sunday, October 12th, 2014, the Kirk Cousins era appears as if it has come to a close. Completing just 10-16 passes for 139 yards as well as coughing up and fumble and throwing an interception, was enough for Jay Gruden to bench Cousins and start third string QB, Colt McCoy immediately following halftime. McCoy finshed the game with 128 yards on 11-12 passing and one touchdown, ultimately leading Washington to their victory over the Tennessee Titans, but will this prove he is the answer to the Redskins’ quarterback woes? Well come Monday night, against an emerging Cowboys team, we will find out.

This passed Monday, Jay Gruden named Colt McCoy the starter until Robert Griffin III returns from injury. He will be making his first start since Dec. 8th, 2011 in an appearance for his former team, the Cleveland Browns. Following that appearance, we’ve only seen McCoy in 8 games with a combined 30 passes being thrown.

There are two ways to view the Redskins and their troubles though. On one hand Cousins’ benching might not come as a suprise to some. This due to the spark that McCoy had given the team during hi second half performance. On the otherhand you have Cousins, who was talked of as being the best fit for Gruden’s offense. Who showed extreme promise during many moments throughout his tenure as Redskins QB.

Regardless of how one may view this situation, the Washington Redskins are on a downward spiral and spiraling fast.  With their main priority being the health of RGIII, I hope the focus of this week was on the Cowboys and not the rest of the Quarterback woes because that could lead to a lot of trouble this coming Monday Night.

Will Tony Romo’s Past Haunt His Future ??


tony romo smhThe year is 2006. The NFC Wild Card is transpiring. Now lets fast-forward to the 4th quarter. The score is 21-20. 4th down. The Cowboys have the ball on the Seattle 1-yard line with 1:19 on the clock. A 19-yard field goal snap is fumbled by Tony Romo. He attempts to run the ball in but is stopped short, thus ending the Cowboys playoff run.

Now lets fast-forward to 2012, in which Tony Romo and his Cowboys offense struggled, touching the ball once before trailing 10-0. The Cowboys might have had of there worst performances of 2012 in that game, ultimately losing 27-7. Tony Romo’s history with the Seattle Seahawks is one I’m sure he wish he could erase from memory. He is 3-2 in his career again Seattle with these two losses coming when Romo is counted on the most.

Now lets fast-forward to our present year. Though the Cowboys are a different team than their previous encounters with Seattle, as well as Romo maturing into a far better QB, one must still wonder if he’ll let these two pivotal losses haunt him in this Sunday’s matchup against the defending super bowl champs. When asked about his track record, Romo is quoted saying, ““I don’t remember negative things very much anymore,I kinda let those things slide by.”

While the Cowboys are 4-1 this year, spectators are hesitant to put them in an elite NFL class as of yet, but this game could be a deciding factor. A win for the Cowboys would raise a lot of eyebrows especially those of Stephen A. Smith who on his show “First Take” said he’d appear on Monday with a Cowboys jersey on if they take the win because there is “No way the Cowboys are winning the game,” he says.

Sunday will tell all. Will Tony Romo take his team over the top or will the Seahawks have the Cowboys number once again? This one just might be an early season classic. Lookout.

LeSean’Shady’ McCoy Looks to Overcome Offensive Line Struggles


LeSean McCoy

Last Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles star running back, LeSean ‘Shady’ McCoy rushed for a season low of 17 yards on 10 attempts thus leaving him at 192 yards on the season after 4 weeks compared to the 468 of last year. These numbers, for a player who was arguably the NFL’s best running back last year, are beyond disappointing. Many are becoming skeptical as to why the decline has come about. There are rumors surrounding McCoy regarding injuries such as the concussion he was diagnosed with against the Redskins as well as the toe he had injured late in the preseason. While these are just speculations, one might want to point at one of the biggest factors of all, that being the make-shift offensive line of the Philadelphia Eagles

The offensive line, who is missing three starters and a fourth coming off of suspension, is just terrible. If you review the highlights of the Eagles run game, rather than McCoy hitting his holes he is trying to bounce all runs to the outside not because he wants to, but because he has no other option. Following Sunday’s loss, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was quoted saying, “We just got whooped up front. We’re not very good up front right now. We’ve got a lot of guys banged up, and that’s not an excuse; it’s just the reality of it.” While it’s never good to place blame on one individual, a lot of the issue with this front five can be placed on Eagles replacement right tackle Andrew Gardner on account a lot of the Eagles big runs start on the right side of the ball. It just appears as if he cannot sustain blocks making it impossible for anything to develop.

If the Eagles plan on bouncing back into the playoff team they looked like in prior weeks, they’ll need to figure of the recipe for success when it comes to these front five. LeSean McCoy might not be upset yet, but i can guarantee that if this doesn’t get fixed and fixed quickly, a lot of problems will begin brewing in Eagles country.





Cowboys “No Named” Defense Looking Better Than Expected


The Cowboys defense is one far from those of the likings of the Detroit Lions but they are working on becoming a good defense week in and week out. The performance the Cowboys put on in which they held the Saints to just 3 points leading up to the fourth quarter, was one that no one could have predicted. While this Cowboys D may not have a star-studded group of players, they fight and scrap to get the job done.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was quoted saying, “We have a lot of guys on defense that not everybody knows a lot about. I don’t think I have ever been part of a unit that works as hard as they do, and it shows on the field.”

Again, the Cowboys don’t have a lot of big names on defense after letting Pro Bowlers like DeMarcus Ware go and losing Sean Lee to injury, but the Cowboys have embraced their youth, speed and athleticism on defense but also put a point of emphasis on physicality. This team arrives to the football field with bad intentions like none other in recent Cowboys history.

Seeing as though “America’s Team” is fresh off of being the league’s worst defense, they have a lot to prove this year, but the way things are starting to shape up, it looks like they are willing to accept the challenge,